Anyone have any other ideas of what to take? I'm currently taking opiate patches which aren't helping at all, and any other pain meds will cause me to have rebound migraines. A muscle relaxant of some kind? I can't believe that this new almost intolerable pain has found me.

It is as bad or worse than my migraines, except when my migraines get so bad that I have to go to the ER. Sharp pains that move around to different teeth. The pain is all the time, but at times is nearly intolerable. Very difficult to sleep. Can't think straight. Now I have to wait for one of my 2 neurologists to fit me in for an appointment which are very difficult to get. The doctor who diagnosed it wouldn't prescribe anything for me because my medical situation is "too complicated" with all my medications and problems. When I pressed him for what medication, he said Neurontin which made me nearly comatose at the lowest possible dose years ago. Maybe I'll be ready to become comatose, but I really couldn't do anything. Even turning my head to look at my husband was outside the realm of possibility. It was truly wierd. How would I eat and I'm very low in weight.