Please help. Abilify stopped to try to stop restless leg syndrome. Going through terrible withdrawal from abilify... anxiety, depression, racing thoughts etc. Now neurologist started titrating me up on a new med for me, lamictal. Yesterday I started 100 mg/day. Another new med for me was started for me a few days ago for my terrible anxiety and panic attacks I'm now experiencing from the abilify withdrawal. It is .5 mg clonazepam I can take up to 2 mg of that per day. I've also been prescribed Adderal XR since January to help with my treatment resistant depression. Before January I had been taking Ritalin for 10 years. Then I switched to adderal xr (60 mg/day). With all this anxiety I cut my Adderal dose to 30 mg/day about 10 days ago. Now the psych doc wants me to wean completely off the Adderal. I cut down to 20 mg/day tomorrow. I take 60 mg of Cymblata. I would really appreciate your input on this treatment plan. Or should I be hospitalized to endure all these med changes? Thanks