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Is Naproxen 500 any good for severe toothache?


Dannian 15 Mar 2013

First I would call my dentist. He can put you on an antibiotic and if necessary a quick drill out of the tooth and possibly the nerve.even if he can't see you he could call in a prescription for the antibiotic and you will probably feel better after 24 hours

I often times while in Afghanistan would have or be around someone with a toothache
We would have the person put an aspirin directly on the tooth that was hurting and then take600-800mg of advil every 6hours and if necessary a tylenol every 4
The best bet is the antibiotic and pain relief from the Dentist ..they might eagle to save the tooth by controlling the infection
Good luck Take care of you

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Inactive 15 Mar 2013

Hello Dolaflet. Yes it likely will aid, give some relief. It might not cure the problem but might certainly help. Regards pledge

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