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My sister takes theraflu warming everynight to sleep, why so addictive?


Psychmajor 27 Feb 2010

its not addictive but she has conditioned (taught) her body to require an antihistamine (these inhibit histamine -which is a stimulating neurotransmitter/hormone- which relaxes the body and makes a person tired) in order to sleep well. i think she should switch to benedryl or some type of tablet with less medication in them (this has tylenol, antihistamine, and decongestant) or just try and take less and less so she doesnt need it inorder to sleep.

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Air101 4 March 2010

Great answer! Too bad my sister is not very approachable, on a variety of meds, from antidepressents to migraine meds. Don't know how to help her because she really dosen't want to make healthier choice since that would take emotional/physical effort. Thanks for the input though. free discount card

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