Im 51 yars old and back in 2008 I had a multi disc fusion. Im now going to pain management, ive been going to this doctor for 1 year now... Hes giving my norco 7. 5/325 3 x per day... Last month I told him that the norco are not working like they use to he acted like he didnt hear me... I live in ohio and I know the d. E. A is really cracking down on all pain meds because of the people who are getting meds just to sale and there is not a damn thing wrong with them... So that make us people who really needs pain meds , we cant get them... All I want is to be productive and be able to do things without dealing with this chornic pain all the time... My pain doctor dont listen to me and Im soo depressed... I have molina medical card and its so hard to find a pain management clinic that will take that kind of insurance... Please do anyone know of a doctor that cares about people who has a chornic pain problem