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Is Mucinex compatible with Parkinson disease?


topcat1957 23 Jan 2017

Mucinex is the brand name for guaifenesin which is an expectorant, that is it "loosens" up the phlegm in your nose and upper respiratory system.
It is considered safe for patients with Parkinson's disease. It can be combined with most other cold medicines as well.
You should avoid combining it with any other medications which also contain guaifenesin however.

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pjbaum 23 Jan 2017

On the box it says it is not compatible with Parkinson disease. Why would they say that?

topcat1957 23 Jan 2017

As a pharmacist I cannot think of any parkinsons medications it will interact with.
I found a Parkinson's Resource Center website which agrees with me. But there may be another consideration.

It may be that with Parkinson's disease, in some cases a patient's cough reflex may be affected. In that case having loose phlegm might be a problem. If a patient cannot cough it up effectively there could be a risk of aspirating it back into the lungs.

This is why it is best to consult your physician always as he is aware of your particular condition, the severity of your disease. So follow his recommendations always.

pjbaum 23 Jan 2017

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