I have been taking Zoloft for almost 7 months. They worked wonders and i felt like completely cured!
Anyway, it has stopped working 3 times.
Once I needed a higher dosage, which helped. Once when I had 2 beers.

Now, a week ago I had maybe 8 small beers and 7 the next day because I thought that they wont affect me anymore like that. We had a birthday and another party the next day. I dont have a drinking problem. I am very cautious with alcohol.

So the next day when I had my beers, I slept bad, felt tired and anxious. The same night a had the 7 beers, did not take my medication and slept even worse, woke up with immense anxiety etc.

Now it has gotten slightly better. I have been sleeping good the last 2 night again and I am calmer. But my question is, is it possible for alcohol to affect antidepressant to such a level? What are your experiences? Will they start working again? Now I finally learned my lesson to stay away from alcohol.

I am on 100mg Zoloft (sertraline) daily.

Thanks for your feedback :)