My father was being treated for HBP for a couple years and has had his medication switched a few times. I know that he was on metoprolol once before and it didn't help his blood pressure it only increased. He was switched to Lisenipril and that helped. However about 6 months ago he suffered from a mild stroke and then had to undergo heart surgery due to an annuerism that was found in one of his aeortic aretries. When this happened they put him back on metoprolol and he has since had problems with his blood pressure staying elevated. If he doesn't take the medication his blood pressure will decrease as they day goes on but is high upon rising. If he takes the medication he says that it seems his blood pressure stays elevated and will sometimes increase as well. He was taking half of a 25mg pill in the morning and then half of a 25mg pill at night but has since been increased to a full 25mg pill in the morning and a full 25mg pill at night. However his blood pressure is still elevated and his doctor and he do not agree that he should be switched to something else. The doctor swears that this medication doesn't elevate the blood pressure at all but expierience is saying otherwise. We know want to know if anyone else has had this issue with this medication.