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Can I take all my medications together at one time?

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sharadonacres 8 Dec 2020

is it safe to take a medicine with all the other meds that I am taking now.

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jholroyd 27 Sep 2020

I am a male 79 years of age the medication i take every morning is
pms-perindopril 4mg
apo-clopidogrel 75mg
teva-buspirone 10mg
pms-yrazodone 50mg
apo-metoprolol 25mg
mar-ezetimibe 10mg
crestor 40mg

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bwin1432 7 Sep 2019

No because some medicines interacts with each other, so it might make some too strong or cause some to be diminished or it can cause you to become ill

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smileyhappy 13 Jan 2013


Call the pharmacist to ask. They know their meds the best!

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angel1662 13 Jan 2013

hello sandra 03,
You should follow the instructions that your doctor has put on the med bottle for he is the only one who can tell u what times wheather it be morning or night etc... I would follow the instructions on each bottle in my opinion...

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heatherlocust 12 Jan 2013

Could you give us a list of the medications you are on? Some are safe to take together, and others aren't. For example you don't want to take more than one medication that contains the active ingredient in Tylenol because too much can cause liver damage. You also don't want to take too many medications together that depress your central nervous system, it can cause slowed breathing and even worse. If you are afraid, please call your pharmacy and if yours isn't open just call a 24 hour pharmacy and ask them. There are also drug interaction checkers available on the Internet. Please be careful and I hope you feel better very soon.

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sharadonacres 8 Dec 2020

isosorbide brilinta bupropion atorvastatin metoprolol

kaismama 12 Jan 2013

It depends on what your medications are.

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cupcake7667 12 Jan 2013

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