What happens if you accidentally take too much Wellbutrin for 4 days? My husband is on 450 mg of Wellbutrin daily. We were waiting for the pharmacy to get the delivery in and we had other bottles at the house from previous dosages. We both take it just different dosages. So he was taking an old Rx for 4 days. He thought they were 100 mg pills, so he took 4 of them. They are 300 mg! So for four days, he has been taking 1200 mg of Wellbutrin daily instead of the 450 mg he is prescribed.

He has been going crazy for 4 days. Alternately crying/yelling/he thought he was losing it. This morning he woke me up because hes losing his mind and we finally figured out what is going on. He essentially quadrupled his medication for four days.
What should he do? He doesn't want to go to the doctor, he doesnt want to go to a hospital. We have a regular Dr appt in 3 days.