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Does loratadine cause drowsiness?


MARIE0031 18 March 2021

Yes, Loratadine can cause drowsiness. One may try taking it at night or in the morning to determine which is the best fit them. This medication is taken for allergies. According to the Sleep Association allergies can adversely affect sleep. The prior comment about having excessive dreams and disturbed sleep doesn’t seem to be allergy related. Narcolepsy an autoimmune disease is associated with excessive vivid dreams. While both allergies (to dust, mold, pets, pollen ) and Narcolepsy both can cause tiredness in the day the treatments are very different. Sleep doctors diagnose Narcolepsy, which is under diagnosed and many MDs miss.

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masso 15 Aug 2014

Yes, it causes you to feel drowsy which is considered a less serious side effect.

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jacqueline massie 16 Feb 2017

I have suffered from bad insomnia 29 year,s now& bad nightmare,s,whenever i have been given help to sleep & i start to feel a bit better the Docter just swipe,s me right of the medication & it all start,s over&over again the horrendous nightmare,s & not wanting to sleep for fear &my body start,s to give up every now&then,it,s like no one really care,s & now to be told they are putting me on loratadine for my insomnia is truly an insult to me personally,as am on loratadine for my runny eye,s,nose hay fever,it has NEVER helped me sleep,so am very confused could you please help,

Michellep2010 7 April 2017

It sounds af if maybe your Dr may be trying to get you off a narcotic or something strong, or maybe assume it isnt working for you anymore after 29 yrs?? free discount card

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