My husband was taking Detroit la but felt he needed something stronger. (On 3/11/13 he saw his urologist for results from an ultrasound and has a small cyst on his kidney. Dr. Said not to be alarmed and will do another ultrasound in 6mo.) anyway the Dr. prescribed vesicare as the stronger medicine. He took one pill and got abdominal pain, nausea, loss of appetite and just plain blah. We called his Dr. and he said do NOT take anymore and to go back on what he's been taking. Three days later he still was nauseated and only had a bowl of soup for those days which gives him belly aches and nausea. His urine is still very dark yellow to orange almost and stool is yellowish. Today is 3/22/13 and still has no appetite but has eaten fruit and some soft food because I insisted. Still nauseated with belly ache, lost 8 lbs and his eyes look a little yellowish. Surely that one pill should be out of his system by now. Maybe by coincidence he could have the stomach flu we're hoping. Any knowledge about this?