I have found i like the way prednisone makes me have energy. i seem more alert, i don’t have any pains. I have been self medicating with prednisone for over 15 years. I have a learned to come up with different stories every few months for my doctor, ear aches, arthritis acting up etc. this gets me a round of the typical, take six pills and taper down to one. I break it down to 5-10 mg a day until it gone. I know, this is stupid. However, it’s got me through the last few years. I am 64 yrs old now and starting to have neuropathy in my feet. Other than that I’m very healthy. I’m nervous about talking to my doctor about the prednisone, thinking he may stop giving me the prednisone I’ve leaned to depend on. Can the prednisone be causing the neuropathy from long term use? Or any other problems i may no be aware of yet? I hope someone out there can help, i have had this question for a few years now and no one to ask.