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How long does it take naproxen to work for an ovarian cysist and excruationg back pain?


happybrandee 15 Feb 2013

Before I developed an allergic reaction to naproxen, I was given that for an ovarian cyst years ago! The pain from the cyst was really bad it had me doubled over and I eventually had to have it surgically removed, but to be honest with you it never really helped my pain. But , everyone is different , and every situation is different, if it is going to help you, it may take a few doses before you actually get good relief from it. If you are not getting enough pain relief from it by this time tomorrow, I would call your doctor or if the pain is really bad and it's not helping , go to the ER.
Hope you feel better soon!

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Jenavive 16 Feb 2013

Thanks! That is what I was thinking but note sure if I was giving it enough time

DzooBaby 15 Feb 2013

It should start relieving some pain within an hour of taking it but it may take a few days to get the full effect.

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Jenavive 16 Feb 2013


Dumpster Diver 17 Feb 2013

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