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How long does it take for Lutera birth control pills to be effective in preventing pregnancy?

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HeadStarter 12 Aug 2012

Hi tchristine - They say 7 days because you start this pill on the first day of your period. Women don't get pregnant during menses. However, I did get pregnant and didn't know it until I was miscarrying... doctor said I should have waited until the pack was finished. I know that isn't what he told me... he told me after 7 days and that is how I got pregnant on the pill. So, seven days I wouldn't trust no matter what the directions say, okay??? I ended up in the hospital because of the excessive bleeding ongoing for over 2 weeks. I discovered I had been pregnant and miscarried. They can tell by the blood work and what certain levels are... mine were high indicating something had been there but wasn't any longer. So they did the D&C and I ended up having my tubes tied because my husband didn't want children and I believed it when he told me he would kick me and baby out if anything like that ever happened to me.


Well, I ain't married to that man any longer after 24 years together. That was a long, long time ago and the regrets have been many. WAIT FOR THE FULL CYCLE TO FINISH AND USE BACKUP METHOD. YOU ARE ON THE PILL FOR A REASON SO DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE, OKAY? IT WAS A VERY PAINFUL EXPERIENCE AND THE HORMONES RAGING AFTERWARDS WERE AWFUL!!!

That's just my 2 cents worth but a true depiction of what can happen... be safe, okay?


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kristenseee 12 Dec 2013

Why do they say after 7 days when I should wait after the whole first pack... I'm so scared now because I've taken 2 weeks and 1 day now. and at the 2 week mark, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. I will be heading to Planned Parenthood tomorrow but I really hope that I am not pregnant. I just had an abortion... I would be pretty upset if this happens, after Planned Parenthood told me to wait 7 days and then I'd be okay. An abortion is not cheap...

kristenseee 12 Dec 2013

continuing on my previous post. Should I take Plan B today just in case? Will that ruin the cycle that I am on with Lutera? Someone help me please? This is my first time taking bc and Planned Parenthood did not prepare me AT ALL. I'm pretty upset with them.. /:

Anonymous RN 20 Aug 2015

Women can ABSOLUTELY become pregnant while they are on their periods. Just an FYI for anyone who may be confused about that. If you are having unprotected sex during your menses you are not safe from an unwanted pregnancy.

Inactive 12 Aug 2012

I agree with KM completely, after you have taken the first 21 active pills of this pack correctly, not missing any of them, you a then protected, even during the inactive pills while you are on your cycle. Make sure you have and start your second pack and all subsequent packs on time. Since this is your first pack, use a back up method for the first 21 days, then you are safe. Birth control pills take about 3 months to completely level out the hormones, some women have break thru bleeding, keep taking the pills and try to make sure you take the exactly 24 hours apart. For the first 3 months of taking them, you may have some side effects, like nausea, or tender breasts, this will usually stop after the 3rd pack. Some women skip whole cycles while on the pill and are NOT pregnant. If you are ever rx'ed antibiotics, use a back up method as antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills.


The pill should reduce cramping and blood flow, so you may NOT get your cycle until you are on the last inactive pill, just remember to start your new pack on time. Patti

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kaismama 12 Aug 2012

The manufacturer says 7 days after you started them. I wouldn't trust that completely and I'd wait until I finished the first cycle before I'd have unprotected sex.

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