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How long does it take for Latuda to start working?

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GuinnessGirl54 24 Aug 2014

It took one and a half weeks for me to feel anything. Some people find it works in two weeks and I've met people that it took three to four weeks to work for. Depends on your body. Hope it works quickly for you! :)

Jamilashaheed 30 Jan 2017

I had the same question... I'm curious because I've only been on it and Depakote for 4 days and feel great!! I was on this combination before but I didn't realize it worked so quickly!

MJH2034 17 Jun 2017

I am on day 5 and still nothing feel the same maybe slightly worse.
On 20mg

APHRO369 16 Jun 2018

I took latuda last night and instantly feel different. HOWEVER... it did make me sleepy and I hadn't been sleeping or eating and I did both after taking it. That could play a part but I'm enjoying it either way.

WildcatVet 16 Jun 2018

"How Long Does It Take For Latuda To Work
May take 3 to 4 weeks at an appropriate dose for you to see effects and possibly 2 to 3 months to see full effects."

I started Latuda at 80mgs/day one week ago. Nothing yet... but no side effects either! free discount card

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