Have been battling vertigo, then imbalance for year and a half now. Been through all the tests and physical therapy for balance, now meds. Lyrica and topamax. Both cause dizziness in which seems stupid to me. Trying to get off both. Tried to first ween off topamax 50mg twice a day and I became depressed, became scared so I didn't ween anymore. Now iam trying to ween off of lyrica and am getting severe ice cold chills like I have never had. I have not taken lyrica every day, and not even 75mg a day every day. Only been on this for a few months. What the heck? The doctor is denying that I should have any of these withdrawal symptoms at all since they are such low doses and also since I have not been on them long. Liar or he just doesn't know his stuff. So, how long should I have withdrawal symptoms? Still haven't a clue why I have imbalance and ear sensitivity. Searching still. Next stop is dentist and OBGYN. Neurologist is frowning at my independence from him... when I wanted to ween off of these meds, my husband cursed at him. Doctors last prescription for me was swimming and taichi after putting me on meds that made my imbalance even worse. Taichi is about gaining balance. Contradiction!!!