I have been on Cymbalta for about 20 mths..I was given the medication 30mg for post natal depression..after 4 days on the medication I had a new lease of life..I was normal again..better than normal. So I worked my way to 60mg and everything settled after the first 12 mths and I couldn't even tell a difference but still felt normal not depressed which was something I never wanted again..but if I forgot my pill for a day or two... my god!!! dizziness..blurred vision ..headaches..no balance I couldn't even have a conversation.. so I decided I didnt want to be medicated any more. I spoke to my doc and I went back to 30 mg for a month..I completely stopped last sunday..since then physically I ha e no energy, cronic headaches, blurred vision, I feel agro then a blubbering mess and also suicidal.. as though I would do the world a favour if I disappeared..very scary way to feel.. and I feel like I have absolutely no control. I would really love to know how long this will last??? untill I have no more side effects..or should I unfortunately have to turn back and depend on this drug to feel normal..please can anyone tell me how long after you finish cymbalta do these symtoms last.