I have been taking 60 mg. Cymbalta for approx. two years. I just recently found out I was pregnant. I am six weeks along. Of course I wanted to get off from the drug as quickly as possible, but also do it is safely for both me and my baby. I have been slowly weaning myself off from the drug for about a week now. I started out only being able to go 34 hours without taking a pill but I am already up to almost 60 hours. My question is how long will this take for my withdrawal symptoms to start to fade? I have already noticed they come much slower, but the seem to kick in pretty quick when they do come on. I have dizziness, fogginess, vertigo, shortness of breath, and a general detached feeling. It goes from tolerable to bad pretty quick. My doctor was not much help. She only told me to get off from the drug by doing it slowly. I just want to be done with this, but I want to do it right. Any help or info would be so appreciated