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Lisinopril - is tingling in body a side effect I should be worried about?

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coloresue 13 Feb 2015

It's a rare side effect. It doesn't require a call to your Dr. unless you would feel better if you did. If you've recently started on this drug, it's likely to go away as your body gets used to it.

MBocca 13 Feb 2018

Yes, it is something to be worried about as you're probably very likely to suffer with even more adverse side effects and with me this one side effect didn't start until almost 1 1/2 years after I started taking Lisinopril... I developed very serious adverse side effects while taking Lisinopril including chest pain and all over body pain and numbness and tingling throughout my entire body, muscle weakness, joint pain, inflammation, arthritic like stiffness in my fingers, labored breathing, stomach bloating, neck stiffness..Oh My God did I develop such bad symptoms and I never thought it was the Lisinopril at first, but it was and as I tapered off of it the symptoms slowly disappeared... I loathe this medication and what it did to me; such suffering that came 1 1/2 years of taking and this happens with any medication as it also happened with Metoprolol... there's has to be a particular reason I can't seem to take these types of meds along with the statins, but I know many people have reactions to them as well... call your doctor and tell him you want to try the diet and exercise route first and then only if necessary use a medication, but always report any side effect and never believe they are RARE... the horror stories online is scary... Good luck and you can lower BP by lifestyle changes, diet and exercise and slow deep breathing plus maybe some other natural things like herbs, but check with doctor on the supplements or herbs like garlic because garlic made me sick and I love garlic; not anymore though... :( gave me bad acid reflux, heart burn and diarrhea for 2 days after using for lowering Blood pressure (minced garlic about 3/4 teaspoon.. It could have been from the phosphoric acid too that was in the minced garlic; stay away from that... free discount card

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