I am a 43 year old male with no other health problems besides hypertension. No known allergies no alcohol no drugs. I recently started Lisinopril 10mg daily for my hypertension. About a week into it I developed a scratchy cough. Did a little research found it to be a common problem. I could deal with that as it worked wonders on my Bp( was 180/130, took it down to around 130/90). Then about a month in came the extreme muscle and joint pain. At the time I was working insane hours so I attributed it to that. A few weeks went by and it seemed to get worse. So much as to where I now can barely walk. My joints hurt bad and I mean all of them. From my toes to my fingers. Especially my knees and elbows. In total I only took Lisinopril for a little over 2 months. I’ve been off of them for 2 weeks. Does this side effects ever go away? Anyone else have this happen? Any recommendations for bp medicine without joint/muscle pain as a possible side effect? As I am obviously prone to it.