So I am prescribed 20mg Lexapro for anxiety and clonazepam 1-2mg as needed (don’t use it that often just in case of panic attacks and my agoraphobia) and recently I was prescribed Ritalin 10mg to be taken 3 times daily ranging from either 10mg 3 times a day , 15mg 3 times a day or 20mg 3 times a day. Personally I found 20mg in the morning, 10mg 4 hours later then another 10mg 4 hours later to be the best,and also depending on the workload so on weekend if I’m not working I’m not taking it. I was just wondering can I take my Lexapro 20mg at night before I go to bed or should I take it in the morning with the Ritalin ? (I will be seeing try doc soon and dosages will be adjusted, just want to know now because I forgot to ask him) thanks in advance. Also does Ritalin get better after a period of time? Meaning Will some side effects subside as your body gets use to it or no? For example first 2 days I took it Once it wore off I got really depressed and just overall sad and wanted to cry but didn’t know why but Now 3 days later I don’t feel that.