After several attempts to find which ADHA medication that worked for my child, Ritalin LA 20 mg. did the trick (all the non-extended medications were wearing off around 1:00 PM). He takes one 20 mg. capsule at 7:20 AM with breakfast, has a good school day, and the medication is worn off around 4:30 PM. He has a healthy appetite at diner and has no problem falling asleep at bedtime. He only takes the medication on days he attends school (never weekends, holidays or vacation).

I just found out via a letter from my insurance company they will no longer cover the Ritalin LA 20 mg. (generic: Methylphenidate LA), but they will pay for Methylphenidate ER 20 mg tablet and Regular (no extended-release) Methylphenidate 20 mg tablet). I looked up the name Methylphenidate ER, and it is sold as the generic for Concerta.

My research has revealed, Ritalin LA does not last as long as Concerta (no mention of Concerta ER just Concerta) and has a unique delivery system called OROS. Of course, his doctor and I will discuss this, as I'm concerned because a healthy appetite and a good nights sleep in just as important. My friend's child takes Concerta and the poor thing never sleeps and hardly eats anything. I know medication effects every child differently, but this Concerta sounds like a whole different medication.

I'm not crazy about changing his ADHD medication in the middle of a school year, but as a single parent with only one income, the cost would make a dent in my monthly budget (30 day supply cost $180.00 or $2,160.00 per year).

Has anyone had to make this change? Thanks.