Hello, I am 19 years old about 5 foot 6 / 195 lbs. and have been taking lexapro for about five months 10mg in the evening. This is for panic disorder and general anxiety disorder and some depression. Then was diagnosed with ADHD two months later. I have been perscribed methylphenidate 5 mg for a month, then 18mg concerta for a month, and now have instead 20 mg of methylphenidate a day. Even before the methylphenidate I was experiencing symptoms of seratonin syndrome yet they weren't bad enough for me to honestly notice. A thing here or there. Now I've been noticing my lexapro is causing me to feel worse and worse each day and only recently when taking my morning dosage of Methylphenidate I discovered that I felt nauseous, sweaty, headache, confusion, fever, lack of focus and depressed mood even worse than before. Again this is not because of the methylphenidate I'm certain because I felt this way on lexapro before I started the methylphenidate, it is just exasperated by it now and is causing concern. How do I stop taking my lexapro safely and not endure this horrible issue anymore? Because it wasn't like I was horribly I'll but looking back it sure seems like hemorrhagic fever (exaggeration I'm sure) none the less it is horrible and I do not want the lexapro anymore. Any ideas other than contacting my psychiatrist? Heard this already just an odd hour.