I have been taking my Levothyroxine (100 mcg) and liothyronine (25mcg) when I awaken in the morning with a glass of water. I also consume coffee (2 cups total) with sugar and a little bit of milk during the first hour while getting ready for work. Is there enough calcium that it could be interacting with the levothyroxine? Or can I continue my normal morning routine? If not, what do you suggest? I need my coffee in the morning and I am not fond of drinking it black. I purposely started taking it upon awakening to avoid interactions with foods/drugs. I take the meds at 4:30 in the morning, only consuming coffee/sugar/milk until about 8. In the evening I take my multi-vitamin, potassium, and iron supplement around 7 before going to bed. Multi-vitamins upset my stomach in the morning because of lack of food in the belly, I prefer to take them after dinner and before bed. This is the first time being on these meds, so looking for suggestions and advice.