I recently started Lamotrigine (Lemictal) for mood stabilization, then my doctor wants to add Lexapro (for depression/anxiety) in about a month after I slowly increase my Lamotrigine to about 150mg or 200mg (not sure yet). I'm wondering if anyone has taken only the Lamotrigine and did not need to add an anti-depressant. I'm wondering if the proper dosage of this medication might make me feel much better and I might not need the Lexapro. I've been on this medication for a little over 2 weeks and don't feel any positive effects yet; however, I take it at night and it has helped to lessen my feelings of anxiety first thing in the morning. I've read/heard many people say, "this medication has changed my life," "I feel like myself again." When will this happen for me or when should I expect to feel effects? I know every person responds to medications differently, but any advice any one can give me would be great. I want to feel better, and I want to feel better soon. Thank you.