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Lemictal/Lamotrigine and depressive disorder- will depression subside?

I recently started Lamotrigine (Lemictal) for mood stabilization, then my doctor wants to add Lexapro (for... read more

I am currently taking Lexapro and lamotrigine. I am not bipolar, but suffer from anxiety?

I believe my anxiety cause me to be depress. My anxiety was so severe that I couldn't take the pain I felt in my... read more

I take Lexapro 20mg daily, and still have the depression and anxiety?

Should I ask my Physician to increase my Lexapro to 30mg, or 2-20mg daily?

Lamictal too activating?

I started on a very low dose (12,5 mg) because I’m sensitive. Been on it for 4 days and yd I was so hyper. I hate meds that activates me... read more

Should Lexapro give you a migraine the first day you take it?

I was just wondering becuase I am on day 1 of lexapro and I already feel like I am going to vomit.I know that anti-deppresants give you some... read more

How will Energy Drinks or Relaxation Drinks interact with my prescribed Meds?

MY MEDS~ ~10 MG Lexapro- taken in a.m. *For Depression & Anxiety, possible PTSD ~25 MG Lamotrigine... read more

Lamotrigine - Ever since I went on lamotrogine my voice has become lower in register and my voice is

... often hoarse. I used to be a professional singer and had a pure sweet voice and since I have been onthis stuff my voice has gotten rougher and... read more

What are the effects of taking Tramadol and Lexapro together?

Tramadol-pain Lexapro-mood,anxiety,depression these were taken together any major side effects from the combo?

What is the best way to ween off Geodon?

My psychiatrist put me on Lexapro and is lowering my Geodon 40mg every 5 days so far so good. I used to take 320mg a day now I am down to... read more

Hi there after 2 yrs on Zoloft I switched to Lexapro .. Fine for two weeks then bang ... Panic ,?

... depression , panic, anxiety, crying heaps etc . Go advised me to switch back so I did , 5 days ago . I still feel awful .... read more

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