Hi,I had back fusion in2005 on L4-5 I had curve in spine,well I think I am allergic to hardware because I have had so many problems. I had Lyme disease that NO one picked up so neurological Lyme can mess you up.

It put lesions in T spine 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9- 11-12, they thought it was MS because I had lesions also in my brain. I said how,why I was fine before the back fusion. While steroids almost killed me because of Lyme. They did not know it was Lyme. Long story short.

Through the years I am losing my walking,my right leg is losing muscles,numbness in feet,toes,ankle,losing ability to walk,I fall a lot.

I just saw a neurosurgeon I goggle the best neurosurgeon in my area.well he said my rods and screws can come out. I have server tenderness in lower back where hardware is. He said they will numb the area around hardware if I get relief then it is hardware.

I said I feel such tightness like I am in cement around surgery mind you I have dealt with this since 2005, but I have had ENOUGH.
I feel ever since they placed titanium in my back I can not walk, run, move,it feels like I am a stiff board.It makes me slip up while walking even drag foot.

Has anyone gone through these symptoms and had the screws and rods removed? I will be on a lot of Lyme disease antibiotics this time!!
MANY YEARS of treatment for LD has taking lesions away in spinal column n brain. So NO MS med's for me. So Dr's do NOT know all.

Please research Lyme it can mess up your back,etc.

But if anyone had Weakness in leg,foot drops,drags,numbness in feet toes, problems and had hardware removed I wonder can you walk or run,move better? Is your feet stronger,leg too? anyone that has been allergy to hardware?
It's been a nightmare
Thank you very much, Lady Diana 2005