in july 2008 i had L4-S1 fused with 2 rods and 6 screws. it has been 2 years since the surgery and i am getting weaker in both legs as time goes on. i am afraid i will eventually be paralized. my neurosurgeon seems indifferent to this problem. he said i have developed DDD and there is no cure. i have recieved injections at L3-L4 because he said i had a disc prolapse. does anyone think paralisis could be in my future? i use a cane for walking support and tend to fall often. i a wonder if i sould seek out a new specialist? any advice will be welcome, i know since i am new here no one knows me yet but my problems started in 2008 after a fall from a roof i was working on fractured my spine at L5. i also dislocated my neck at C6-C7 and they fused it with bone from my hip. thanks for listening to me.