I JUST read that I have to take Latuda with the 350 calories and it explains why I have been feeling so crappy lately. I would take it with food in the beginning when I was taking the 20mgs with no side effects. Once I started taking the 40mgs, I became super sleepy a couple hours after taking it and therefore decided to take it at night instead. Since, I don't really eat heavy meals at night, I started getting nausea and a headache with the Latuda at night but no sleepiness like before. I have been taking Latuda 20mgs for the first week and 40mgs for two weeks , so I'm now on my third week of the 40mgs. I started reading up because of the crappy feeling I've had for about a little over a week now. I am gonna start taking the Latuda with my lunch tomorrow and see how that goes. Has anyone else gone through this food issue?