I've had bipolar 2 for many many years I've checked myself into the hospital at least once a year in fear I might try to harm myself I'm on lamictal prozac zanix , I've tried others almost everything I have other mental disorders as well, geadon gave me long QT syndrome and 7 heart attacks so I have to be careful in what I can take. I've been on this 20mg for 4 days and today I have been so angry and mean I want to break something, is that part of a side effect? I'm tired of feeling sad and worthless, I can't leave the house unless it's too the Dr. I have no desire to do anything. For the last 6 months I wake up angry that I even woke up I want to die during the night. It would take to much room to list all the things wrong with me and all the meds I've been on. Please somebody tell me is this medication going to help? Are the side effects to bad ? I just want to feel normal to laugh to smile to not just sit in this same corner all day. Desperately seeking advice .