The FDA and other reputable medical institutions have approved it for Bilpolar Disorder. As for diabetics, it spiked my blood sugar from 7 to 21 on my meter on initiating 20mg dose, all other factors remaining the same. Also, if medical professionals are concerned about benzodiazepines causing falls, especially in the elderly, my experience, post latuda effect in hypersomnia resulted in a stuporous sleep lasting 6-8 hours, additional to normal sleep. I found it disabling for common day to day tasks and had to stop.

I am on diavalproex as now, which is fine for bipolar. I had to stop lithium due to chronic emergent tremor ( possibly due to kidney malfunction or hyperparathyroidism -- research on net, not a dr.). I regret that lithium could not have been started at a lower dose 40 yrs. ago, which may have enabled me to take it still. It is quite remarkable, but divalproex sodium sodium is OK too so far.