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Will Keppra cause my blood sugar to increase, I'm a TYPE 1 Diabetic?


hippy sunshine 6 May 2018

Hey Onedelta I’m Chantelle, and have been a type 1 diabetic since my 9th birthday so almost 17 years. I myself am not on any seizure medication but I’m in the health field so have learned a thing or two. As for knowing if your blood sugars will increase or decrease is so hard to tell, purely because every persons situation and body is totally different then another’s. As I’m sure you know EVERYTHING so much as a woman being on her period causes our sugars to become out of our norm. So unfortunately I hate to say this to you, but until you know how lepta May affect you it’s all going to be trial and error :( What I am sure about is the fact that their are more negative comments about Keppra rather than positive. I know that I myself have always struggled with anxiety and depression, but from what I hear from multiple people is that keppra has brought them into such dark places or so sad no matter what they do, and that’s coming from some people who never had issues with depression before :( :( Like I had mentioned before though, everybody’s body and situations are different so it may be a great medication for you. I of course don’t know you at all, but I have to say please be extra aware of symptoms and side effects while taking this drug. And if you EVER need someone just to talk to, rant to, or even complain to, I’ll always be a keyboard away ;) please never hesitate, I’m never judgmental or rude either. Good luck though, I hope everything works out for the best!

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