I'm a healthy 20 year old woman. I have a scab/wound the size of a quarter on my inner ankle that refuses to heal. I got it from kicking my shoe on my ankle while walking. I kept kicking the scab open again and again and now it just refuses to heal at all. It just always seems fresh and raw and red. It's not very painful but sometimes is very itchy, so I try not to touch it. There's no pus so I don't think it's infected. And it's not hard/crusty like a scab. I've kept it properly bandaged for about two weeks now and have put neosporin on it every night. What else can I do? The skin around the wound is starting to take a toll from the sticky bandages I've been constantly changing daily. I've had it for a little over a month now, but have been properly taking care of it for only 2 weeks, when should I see a doctor for help?
I've heard that wounds that won't heal on your feet are a sign of diabetes. I'm a little worried.