My husband was recently diagnosed with bipolar II and his psychologist suggested that he take Lamictal. Since his psychologist is not able to prescribe, we have to go through our GP or transfer him to a psychiatrist. He hasn't moved forward at all on this even though he was diagnosed over 2 months ago. He is afraid that if he starts taking the Lamictal he won't be "him" anymore. He's afraid of becoming "an empty shell" and that his emotions will be controlled by taking them away completely. But as anyone with Bipolar II knows, not treating it at all is not an option if there is any hope of having healthy relationships and especially a healthy marriage. I am trying to be supportive through all of this so I am searching for answers that he's afraid to research on his own. Anyone out there taking Lamictal to treat Bipolar II, do you have any insight for what my husband can expect regarding his concerns if he decides to start taking Lamictal? Thanks.