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Is strattera a stimulant or amphetamine?

3 Answers

ashleynave16445 12 March 2023

Strattera is a non-stimulant treatment that can have the same effects as stimulants. I take 40 mg. and getting ready to go on 60 mg. Maybe that is what some doctors are trying to explain to their patients, yet I could be wrong because for some it may very well be stimulant-like. Perhaps some doctors may very well state that Strattera has stimulating effects on the body like Adderall and Vyvanse, in a different way. Everyone is also different in how Strattera works for them.

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Vanillavirtue 4 April 2019

One doctor told me Strattera is speed too. I don’t know why some doctors say it’s a non-stimulant but to me I think it’s one. At a higher dosage, Strattera has the same feeling like other stimulants like Adderall etc. Yet, it doesn’t have that come down feeling like Adderall etc and doesn’t spike your blood pressure.

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ashleynave16445 12 March 2023

Strattera is less likely to be abused because it's a non-stimulant treatment. I'm on 40 mg. getting ready to go on 60 mg. and yet can still have somewhat stimulant-like effects. Strattera can feel like it has stimulating side effects for some people. Of course, everyone is different on how the medication works in their system.

Vanillavirtue 12 March 2023

I wrote this comment some years ago, and I’m not taking any ADD medication at this moment. Yet, people that need any form of ADD medication can’t abuse it because they need it. I don’t know why anyone would want to abuse ADD medication anyway, because just taking normal doses of the medication you have to monitor your blood pressure. Strattera is a stimulant as well, so that’s not necessarily true that it’s not. I’ve had a doctor to tell me it was a stimulant as well. You have to monitor your blood pressure on Strattera as well.

DzooBaby 12 April 2011

Strattera is a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor not a stimulant or amphetamine.

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jarndt88 13 April 2011

so is it a high risk for abuse or to be sold like people do with adderall?

DzooBaby 13 April 2011

I really am not sure about that but it is not a stimulant or amphetamine. It doesnt work the same way.

timmie flint 25 March 2014

My doc disagrees... She says it is a stimulant but works differently

Nightwolf0134 28 Nov 2018

So how does it act as a different way the say in someone was Vyvanse then went to strattera would that be bad or how would the person act? Different?

ashleynave16445 12 March 2023

Yes, it's a selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, however, it can have stimulate-like effects on some people and have some of the same side effects that Adderall and Vyvanse have. Yet it has stimulating effects on my body although it took longer to reach about 12 weeks. I'm on 40 mg. getting ready to go on 60 mg. free discount card

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