I have recently started taking Strattera for ADD, inattentive type. I also have anxiety with it. Stimulants did not work for me as they made my anxiety worse. So I started Strattera 5 days ago, the first 3 days I felt calm, a bit nauseous, strangely really focused, I had euphoric goosebumps all over my body at times but overall I felt like it was going to be the right medicine for me as my emotions felt stable and I felt like myself. By day 4 half day I felt some anxiety and a similar experience to the stimulants and had continued on into day 5. I am sleeping but not as many hours as usual. I feel nervous and irritable, maybe even angry and at times I don’t want to talk to anyone, I feel less excitement about things I’d usually enjoy which feels like depression on top. Then at times I’m OK but I’m more so feeling bad than OK. Can anyone tell me if these symptoms are common when commencing this medication and did those emotional responses get any better with time?