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Is Keppra brand name more effective than generic?

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jennifer40040 31 July 2012

Interestingly enough, my 14 year old daughter went on Keppra over 1-1/2 yrs ago for subclinical seizures and some neurological symptoms receiving much improvement in her symptoms including headaches and migraines. We just returned from her Neurologist's office after having multiple dose changes and EEGs/tests as her symptoms had suddenly returned. The doctor is about to increase her dose again or potentially changing her medication altogether if this dose change doesn't improve symptoms. As the Nurse Practitioner was writing out her prescription for yet another increase in her Keppra dose she asked me if we were using the brand or generic form. I honestly had no idea but she said that the brand is always better for anti-seizure meds due to its efficacy. I asked her if its possible her return of symptoms could have something to do with taking a generic medication and she thought it possible. I told her I would check when I got home.


Well sure enough, her Keppra was changed to the generic when it came out and her symptoms returned shortly thereafter! We are going to go back on the brand form of Keppra and we are hoping it helps her symptoms!

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sonnyboy110 5 June 2012

Always go with the brand name RX! There are different ingredients in the brand that promotes assimilation into your system.

I used to take the generic for Dilantin, however, I would still experience seizures approx, every 5-6 weeks. The Neurologist switched me to the brand Dilantin and POOF no more seizures.

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cajuncat95003 16 Oct 2010

Thanks for your info. I have heard some had better success with the brand Keppra. It is a new med for us, and don't want to take any chances. Primary care Dr. prescribed generic, seizure occurred, then the Neuro Dr. prescribed brand name.
Wow, sure is expensive, though!

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keyvan 16 Oct 2010
Rajive Goel 16 Oct 2010

Usually the branded & generics of any meds are the same the difference is in the company manufacturing it, the efficacy & the effectiveness is also the same.

Currently, brand-name Keppra is manufactured by UCB, Inc. Generic Keppra is also available.

Keppra oral solution (liquid) and Keppra intravenous solution (given by IV) are also available in generic form. Keppra XR is not yet available in generic form.

Generic Keppra is made by a number of different manufacturers, such as:

Aurobindo Pharma; Cobalt Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Reddy's Laboratories; Mylan Pharmaceuticals; Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Roxane Laboratories, Inc.; Sandoz & Teva Pharmaceuticals.

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