Some people say it's ok then others say it's wrong and can release to much into your system at once. 15mg not the extended release tabs..Maybe I shouldn't have started cutting them in half.

Have a couple questions that I hope someone can answer,,,
I'm trying to taper off of 40mg a day of prescibed morphine... I want to stop, I absolutley hate this drug... Believe me I don't take it to get high!

I had a shoulder injury a year and a half ago and realized it wasn't gonna go away so went to the Dr. and he started me on Tramadol
50mgs, went a couple month's then progressed to codien for a couple months then to the morphine and it's been a couple months..If my math is accurate it's been close to 7 months since starting the pain meds..Now I want off! I'll take the pain over the morphine,,, I feel like I'm so hooked, when I tried to stop, I would get these horrible feelings, Total panic! Can't catch my breath, can't sit still, can't eat, can't sleep, severe dry mouth..I'm claustaphobic and it just intensifies that a million times..I start sobing, and I'm a 56 year old man, I shouldn't be sobing. I should be laughing and enjoying life..I can't handle these W/D's! Anybody that has some advice or helpful hints on how I can get thru this please tell me... Is Detox the best way for me to go? Would it be the easiest way?

I've read other posts and I know my situation is nothing compared to some people here and my heart goes out to you... Thanks --- John