I have been on and off suboxone for the last two years. The longest I took it was for two months. The first time the doctor put me on suboxone I stayed on it for two months. I experienced stomach problems including constipation and abdominal cramping and pain. Even after discontinuing it I had these symptoms. I never really put two and two together-- that the suboxone could be causing the stomach problems until recently. I seemed to always go back to using after being on suboxone for a while. Once i was using herion again my stomach issues would start to slowly dissapear over several weeks to a month. I began suboxone another time after this and continued taking it for 6 weeks. My stomach cramping and pain started again after being on it for 2 weeks (once i was past the opiate detox). They tapered me off suboxone and I was clean for about 7 months. Even after I quit taking the suboxone, I continued to have stomach problems for several months. At about 6 months clean (4 months after stopping suboxone), I slowly started to see a little improvement in the severity of my stomach and abdomen pain. The last time I was clean for 3 or 4 months (after using for close to 9 months to a year) I took the suboxone only to detox and I had stomach problems after a few days of suboxone. This time the stomach problems seemed to go away faster and only lasted a month or two after taking suboxone for a week. After about two months of being clean the pain and cramping seemed to become less and less. But i started using again and now i want to stop. I have taken suboxone to detox but only taken quaters to a half for a dose. But i keep relapsing and then detoxing- i even tapered my use to get off the herion instead of suboxone and found that i had no stomach issues when doing that (but only did that once). And the stomach pain hasn't come back yet so I am thinking it is related to taking suboxone. 8mg two times a day was my dose while on it. Now my doctor wants me back on suboxone and i need to stop using but i am scared i will go through the stomach pain and cramping again if i get on it- then i will end up relapsing for sure and have more stomach problems. Does anyone know if the suboxone could be causing my stomach pain and abdominal cramping?