I'm a 47 y/o female and was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6 but I did not take the meds, (can't remember why). At age 44 I decided to get tested and was diagnosed as having ADHD (of the inattentive type). I've also suffered from anxiety all of my life. Since beginning Adderall XR 15 mg, now 20 mg for 2 months, I have been experiencing muscle pain, cramping/tightening and weakness. Adderall changed my life for the better, (except for the pain if that's the cause). Not thinking that my pain was caused by this med my Dr. began sending me to one specialist after another, a Psychologist, 2 Psychiatrists, a Neuro Surgeon, a Spine Specialist, a Neurologist, and a Rheumatologist. All specialist say there is nothing wrong. I've had a CT scan, 4 MRIs, a nerve test and several X-Rays. All show no abnormalities. I've had 4 months of physical therapy, 1 yr. of Chiropractic care and spent thousands of dollars on in home equipment to ease the pain. Nothing has helped and I refuse to take pain relievers, I don't believe covering up the problem is the answer... Recently, I was told by my Rheumatologist that I had "Myofacial Pain". REALLY?! I'm no Dr. but I believe that was the reason WHY I made the appt. to see him. What I'd like to know is the cause of my pain... :/ Needless to say, I'm completely frustrated and becoming increasingly depressed. It hurts to do simple household chores, I rarely leave my home, and out of desperation I spend up to 10 hrs a day on the internet looking for answers. I'm beginning to wonder if the Adderall XR is the cause. Has anyone else experienced these issues while on this med? If so, what ADHD med were you switched to? PLEASE HELP!!! (Sorry for the lengthy question) Thanks!