I have been previously diagnosed (for years) with depression and anxiety and have been on various meds for them, some helping better than others, although I never found the right one.

I recently saw a new psychologist who diagnosed me with bipolar (somewhat out of the blue) after meeting with me for about ten minutes. He then put me on Lamictal starter pack. I have been on 25mg for 12 days and in those 12 days have developed severe manic highs and lows that I have never before felt. I am feeling for the first time what it must be to be truly bipolar, going from one extreme emotion to the other. The most disturbing for me is my new feelings of rage and anger, hostility and violence, all becoming exponentially worse as the days progress, and all feelings I've never had before. I'm also have severe depression episodes.

I keep reading how great this medication is for people, and how you have to wait until you hit the right dose to "feel like a new person", but I am literally living in hell right now.

I've tried to get a hold of every doctor I have but haven't had much help since it is the weekend.

My main question is, if my symptoms are so horrible with just the 25 mg, is there any way that they will improve and I will experience that "new person" feeling by increasing doses? Or is this is a pretty good indicator that this medication is not right for me?

Have any of you felt 10000 times worse before it all of a sudden got better?