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If you are allergic to novacaine, does novacaine cross react to lidocaine?

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Rajive Goel 5 Jun 2010

No such reactions were found, however it would be best to check it with your healthcare provider as meds have different effects on different individuals, please also read:,1944-0.

Provided Novocain is: Procaine Hydrochloride

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HollyF 5 Jun 2010

I found the answer amongst the lecture notes at Stanford. Novocaine is a trade name for Procaine, which is an ester. Lidocaine is an amide, so there should not be a cross reaction. Thanks for your efforts too. H

Rajive Goel 6 Jun 2010

Pleasure, thanks for the info.

AllergyIssue 28 Apr 2017

Yes - it does. I am living proof - I was having not so good minor reactions to lidocaine possibly due to the multiple dental treatments I have had. But at 40 having my 1st epidural of 10mg of lidocaine, it set me into plethora of severe reactions, PVC's, heart palps, shaking & tremors days after the injection, weakness, tightness of the chest anxiety & extreme sick feeling. Diagnosis was not placed on an allergy to it at that time, they said post partum anxiety( I cried BS) .. it wasn't until 4 yrs later, I received a hip injection of Procaine ( Novocain) & 24 hours later I broke out in hives, felt as if my face was burning off my body & then all these other symptoms came back 2 fold in the coming days... ER prescribed 6 day ok steroids of course... yet the tremors, weakness & anxiety all still hit & they are still occurring hit & miss. this is now 3 weeks later. Physically & Neurologically it has been hell on me!

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