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I took Luvox for the first time last night and I got absolutely no sleep ! What do I do ?

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WildcatVet 7 Jan 2023

Hi, cuttn4u!
Hopefully you're past the side effects by now and are starting to feel the benefits of the medication. If you're still having insomnia I hope you've already talked to your doctor.
Best regards,

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scoomah 3 Dec 2022

give it time

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Less Than Human 6 Sep 2011

This medication is notorious for causing temporary insomnia. I took mine in the morning instead of at night, as per my doctor's advice, and was able to sleep more frequently.

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melissab(twilightfan85) 14 Aug 2010

maybe you could go to walmart and pick up some melatonin. melatonin is a natural chemical in ur brain that promotes sleep. my friend had to give it to her son because he was an insomniac. it worked for him. maybe it could work for u. its natural and its not addictive like a prescription sleep aid. best wishes!

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Marvell 14 Aug 2010

Sometimes side effects such as insomnia, which is common will go away after a while. Keep on taking it for a while. But if it is really bothering you and insomnia gets really bad (sleep is vital) then please see your doctor. They may be able to change the medication.

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