To anyone who knows about these meds (especially those who know Luvox/fluvoxamine),
29 year old male here w/ severe and chronic anxiety & OCD.
Been taking 200mg of luvox for 8 weeks (started on a low dose of course).
8 weeks and Im still depressed, anxious, my OCD hasn't improved, fustrated and impatient.
Generally it takes 12+ weeks for a SSRI to work on your OCD but nothing seems to be happening, by now i should have seen some improvement in my mood. Luvox has been "proven to be the best med for OCD" by Maybe it doesnt work well on depression but it might have some future benefit on anxiety & OCD which makes me feel i should wait more. Should i continue to wait an extra 4-5 weeks?
Or should talk to my psych doc about a new medication? already have taken Zoloft which was the first and only med to have worked for me-it was a miraculous drug but after 2 years on 50 mg it stopped working-my dose was increased to 100mg and didnt work either. i was switched to celexa then prozac-neither didnt do crap even at very high doses. and now im on luvox. Ive also been taking Buspar for a few weeks at 5mg (3x a day), it relaxes my mood a bit.
the only one i havent tried is Paxil or i might just consider going back to zoloft; this time at a higher dose. would zoloft work the 2nd time if i choose to take it?
Is there anyone out there who can give me there most valued opinion, i'd greatly appreciate it.