I have been taking Clonazepam 1mg for a couple if years, with good efficacy. The pill I have been... taking is green, with the number 833 and sometimes the manufacturer's name "Teva" on the tablet. Recently, my pharmacist substituted a yellow tablet, manufactured by Actavis. It is labeled R34. My question: has anyone found a difference is the efficacy or side effects between the green Teva and yellow Actavis versions of clonazepam? I ask because I had one generic substituted for another generic I take of another drug (lamotrigine) and found the substitute did nothing for me and all my symptoms came back. I am more than a little gun-shy of taking a different manufacturer's version of a generic after this last experience. So if anyone has any thing to share with regards to the efficacy of Teva's version of clonazepam versus the Activas version, please let me know. Thanks!