I have a question related to the type of Medication that I am on?I have taken Lexapro for several years, it seems to help my anxiety, I also suffer from depression, and concentrating and focusing, I have been seeing the same doctor for almost six years, and recently, we discussed my concern of going back to work, and having a problem with concentrating, he has put me on Adderall 30 mg. my Lexapro is also 30 mg. My family is very concerned and now I am, I am going through Menopause, so I attributed my Mood Swings to that, I am taking hormone medication for that, I am impulsive, shopping, and angry all the time... Help... I don't want to put my Family through this cycle of Tyrant Mood swings anymore... Does anyone have any information regarding the SSRI medication (Lexapro) and Amphetamine (Adderall) taking both of them at the same time?