I had a question if someone has experience in dosing. I have started taking zoloft just about a month ago. I had started on wellbutrin about a month and a half ago and my doctor added zoloft since I was still having anxiety. He started me at 50mg and upped me to 75mg about two weeks ago. I am still having what I would call breakthrough anxiety from time to time and am wondering if other members have had this happen and if it goes away. I didn't know if there was another 2-4 week wait for symptoms to subside when dosages are increased. I had my family doctor recommend taking 100mg of zoloft but my psychiatrist said he would rather go to 75mg. I have taken most of the ssri's in the past (prozac, paxil, wellbutrin, and cymbalta) and they have all worked pretty well and have had typical startup symptoms. I go off the ssri's after a few years since I feel better... then somehow my serotonin level gets out of wack again and I am right back where I started. Don't think I will go off of them this time since it is so difficult and debilitating to get back on them with the insomnia and fatigue that go along with start up.