... afford the lap (surgery) and since long term use of narcotics is a bad idea my doctor started me on tramadol. Since there is no cure for endo., I'm looking at pain relief regularly (once a month for approx. a week) and I found that the tramadol does help. As problems have advanced, I started taking the tramadol more often and only allow myself two pills (50 MG each) every six hours and I try to keep the use at no more than six pills per day. The first few times I ran out of pills I thought I was getting ill because I didn't realize that I could actually be going through any sort of withdraw but I have seen this pattern after dealing with this drug for a few years now. Even with short term use, when I stop taking the tramadol I break out into cold sweats, I become depressed, I feel achey as if I'm getting the flu, I feel restless, and all I can think about is getting at least one pill to alleviate the problems I'm having. After researching tramadol withdraws I see that some of my problems match symptoms people have talked about and I'm a loss of what to do. The medication does help alleviate pain, but I obviously have to keep taking it otherwise problems set in. It seems apparent that I need to stop taking this drug permanently with these issues that arise when I stop taking it. Does anyone have any recommendations of any good pain relief that is not as problematic as tramadol and that also isn't a narcotic? My doctor has tried me on a series of NSAID's with little success and I myself would prefer to avoid hydrocodone/oxycodone, not to mention my doctor won't prescribe them for me. I admit, I am afraid to stop the tramadol but I obviously need to and I'm hoping I can find something that will help me that obviously won't cause as much problems as the tramadol does. Thank you for any advice, I appreciate it!