I am 31 years old recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism; suggesting Grave's Disease. My primary put me on methimazole 5mg and recently had me do lab work because I am so symptomatic. My heart rate is elevated (resting 98-125bpm), my blood pressure is high been running 140/106 my normal is 120/65. I have also been having what feels like fluttering in my heart once in a while when my heart races. My doc knows about this and after labs said my levels dropped more and upped my methimazole to 10mg once a day. I was wondering if the medicine would make my blood pressure do this or is it just the hyperthyroidism itself? I'm scheduled for an endocrinologist appointment on the 26th, but these symptoms scare me. Heart racing with flutters here and there, headaches and high blood pressure, losing more weight daily, was 125lbs now 102lbs and seems I lose a pound a day, my chest is sore and feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest, dizzy lightheaded feeling off and on. Also before I got to the bathroom to have a bowel movement my heart rate goes up and I can feel my blood pressure go up but I am not constipated or having to strain.